My love for travel

My sister once asked me this question – “why do you like to travel so much?” The world is so big & I am one of 6 billion+ people, staying in a home in one of the 23 districts of one of the 29 states of one of the 196 countries in the world! There is so much to experience – so many places to see, people to meet & cultures to explore.

If I had to pick any super-power, then I would love to be a warg. I will be a lazy sheep grazing on Ireland’s country side one day & I will be a paragliding instructor in Switzerland the next. I will be a farmer in Africa, surf & stroll on the beach in Wollongong in Australia, a red-Indian tribe in Amazon rain forest. I have always felt limited by smallness of my perspective & understanding of the world.

I could not summarize this in one word or sentence for a long time. One day, while going through one of the endless listicles on my Facebook wall, I came across this word that I thought nailed the meaning – “Sonder“. Sonder is the realization that each passerby has a life as vivid and complex as your own. Yes, this is the word I was looking for! When I meet people in my travels, it teaches me a thing or two, makes me question my beliefs & ideas sometimes and questions the smallness of my perspective.

The second reason is that traveling always puts me on my toes. I get bored easily , routine in everyday life puts me off. When I travel, every moment is worth cherishing. I am always planning or seeing/experiencing my surroundings or involved in a conversation with fellow travelers & locals. I live in the moment, there is that adrenaline rush!

Thirdly, Traveling gives me peace, especially when I go to mountains or country sides. I have never experienced a pin-drop silence expect for the gushing wind in my face and no human being in the radius of one mile until the Hampta pass trek in North India. It was scary & liberating at the same time. Traveling is liberating in more than one ways – financially & mentally to say the least.

My biggest fear is that I may die without seeing all this world has to offer by confining myself to a remote part of the world. This is a main driving factor for me. Since I started working from last year, I have been traveling at my own will & pace. I have been to 12 states in India and 11 countries since the last year, some solo and some with friends. This blog is a way to pen down my experiences & memories from my travel.

To all the awesomeness that is waiting to be explored…..


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