One fine day in Kaulalampur

When you get into the empty train station and the high-speed train just picks & moves, you have a sense of awe that an Asian country has such super-fast trains. Without a bath, tired from a night long journey from Australia, I enter Batu caves premises expecting to see an entrance door for caves. And then, I see HIM. I froze. It was a goose-bumps moment that took my breath away. He stands there, piercing his heart open, to show his unconditional love & dedication…the mighty Hanuman. Him standing against the backdrop of the tall caves made him look like he is in his “Vishwaroopam” – it gave me a miniscule feeling of myself.


The best part of my journey was the discovery of the unique Islamic culture of Malaysia. I went to the Modern art museum near the National Mosque and was surprised to see how much the Malay revere & identify with the Islam of Mughals, Middle-East & integrate it subtly with their otherwise distinctive culture.



Those premises felt like another version of Tamilnadu. If you put Tamilnadu & say, Dubai in a mixie, then you get KL.

Then the heat – if humans really evolved by theory of evolution, may be Indians from different regions migrated here initially. May be the Tams finally managed to survive as per Darwin’s theory, thanks to the adaption to heat. I went to the National Mosque, which was very peaceful with many fountains across the pathway, and a major relief from the heat. The underground tunnels were isolated & a bit scary when you travel alone.

I met a couple of people in the metro & temple premises who asked if I was from Tamilnadu, and I could sense a tinge of disappointment when I answered in the contrary. I really like the way you harmoniously co-exist with my south Indian neighbors Malaysia, but I can’t bear your hotness 😉

I really look forward to going to the much talked about Lankavi when I visit you next!


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