The hazy lazy beauty – Zurich

While planning our travel, I reluctantly agreed to the idea of stopping over at Zurich for a couple of days. But it turned out to be the most memorable experience of the Euro trip. As soon as we checked in to the hostel Langstrasse, which was in the prime area of Zurich, I ventured out alone. This is something that I always like, exploring into the uncertain. I walked along the street, observing the innumerable clock towers, noting the Swiss obsession with watches.

Like any other European city, this city has some insanely talented music artists. After some walking, there was a musician performing at the entrance of a building. He was playing so well that I sat there for a good 15 minutes and pulled myself from there to stick to the trail. After some more time, I saw a large group of people cycling through the city – with everyone cheering around them.The city had a happy & lively vibe. The best part is the free bikes!

At last, I went to old-town area, which is the oldest part of Zurich with narrow lanes & boutique styled shops. Finally, I reached lake Zurich. The vision of multiple hued mountains merging the clouds was just amazing. After sometime here, I walked back to my hostel through the shopping streets of Zurich, not surprised by seeing the best of apparel & watch brands on the way. Then I went back to hostel, spent some time in the hostel cafe with live music being played.

Now, the second day disappointed us a bit. We took a tour package to black forest & rhine falls. Rhine falls were hyped up & black forest, though it is a stunning place, we had very limited time there! The moment I cherish is I got to eat the authentic Blackforest cake here & got to see an amazing unpolluted landscape with thick dense forests & sleepy lakes.

Back to Zurich, I ponder about how organized & beautiful this town is and wish I get to spend some more time here in the future. Incase the titular adjectives are not clear yet, it’s because the mountains are so hazy there & the lakes the so serene making the time still & lazy.

I so so wish I get to spend more time with Zurich. I think we will get along very well!


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