A Glimpse Into Heaven – Dublin

There are those places which make you cry after leaving them to come back home. Ireland is one of them.

Where do I even begin? This was my first international trip, and I travelled solo most of the time. Those architecture with colorful doors & pretty windows with flowers, that lush greenery which literally shines in sun-light, small cozy pubs & streets brimming with culture. You stand at a place and turn 360 degrees and there WILL be something of historic significance.


Some of those memorable places that I had the good fortune to see are the smallest bar in the world – Dawson Lounge, world’s first subway station, those magnificent buildings – some of which are birthplaces to famous personalities, the famous Molly Malone statue, the beautiful parks and areas like Temple bar & Bachelor’s street & ofcourse the Trinity College which gave us people like Maxwell, Bohr, Nabokov (author of Lolita).


World’s first subway station (Dublin)

But, the actual beauty of Ireland lies in the country side. It is endowed with an excellent geographic setting, it is located on an elevation with sea around the borders. This gives amazing view and great winds. When I was traveling through the country side, I was so jealous of those sheep and horses who get to spend all their time on the green grass located on the shore!


I went to Kilkenny & Wicklow, the latter being famous for the movie P.S I Love You. But what I discovered there was that Wicklow was also home to many monks since 10th century through the period of Vikings. The places is so serene that if you close your eyes, all you can hear is the sound of flowing river. The landscape flaunts multiple colors, thanks to the flora. In addition, it changes hues along with sunlight – my camera could not do justice in capturing that wonder!


In Kilkenny, there is Kilkenny castle that talks a lot about the 18th century lifestyle and ostentatiousness & talents of local lords. These guys still preserved the constructions from 200-300 years, all those war & military rooms and weapons. The lawn in front is endless and magnificent. The country side typically has tall watch-towers, which I saw both in Wicklow & Kilkenny – mainly to keep an eye on Vikings in those days. I climbed the Kilkenny tower and the view was awesome from there!

What surprised me was when I was walking through the narrow lanes of these small towns, I saw stores of luxury brands like Prada, Gucci. On my way back to Dublin, we passed through small villages that have a population of hardly thousand and yet have their own little school, hospital and all basic facilities. This is their small perfect little world!

The cherry on the top was also getting to see a couple of Game of Thrones shoot locations.


The dark hedges (Game of Thrones)

Finally, to see the beauty of Ireland, you must be blessed. And to live there is another out of the world experience!


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