Travel Companions


IMG_0690.JPGWe interact with a lot of people in our day-to-day life. Most of those talks would be trivial about the weather, updates on latest TV show, cricket series or politics. More close friends discuss their work problems & relationships. The depth of conversations would end there mostly. Sometimes,  though I “knew” people for too long, I did not really feel like I knew them. Different shades keep emerging.

Travel helps you know about other person more than what you can know about him/her after having long endless conversations. Traveling tests friendships, questions your hypocrisy, helps you understand about yourself and others better. It puts you in situations that reveal the actual you, despite what you always keep telling others or what you made yourself believe.

Let me give a few examples here. My best friend & I went for a Euro trip with 3 other friends – we were spending more than a day together after 4 years. I used to think people’s relationship evolves & changes with time. One day, I had a urgent issue from work but could not do anything about it as I had no access to laptop.  She understood that something was wrong by just looking at my face. She asked engaged me in a seemingly casual conversation by not bringing that topic directly and helped me get a clarity on tackling that issue. (I will spare all the details here). She even managed to crack some lame jokes that made me laugh & forget everything. Some people & friendships never ever change with time. I felt so so happy that day, screw that work issue. In hindsight, I am glad that it happened.

In one of the other trips, I was traveling with an acquaintance. He said he considers clicking & posting pictures during travel is a worthless “wanna be” thing, just to showoff people. He ended up clicking & posting the most pictures in our group. This happens with me too. Sometimes, I love walking. On some days, I hate it but I don’t admit. I know about the inner hypocrite in me.

When you travel, you will realize that the girl “with the most attitude” takes care of others the most, that silent introvert guy has a great sense of humor! When you travel with friends, you may also realize how your college crush is a shallow person & the crush can vanish. I was a part of budding friendships, a happy spectator to silent love stories & cute flirting.

In a foreign country, when you don’t come back to the hostel at the time you mentioned, who calls to check on you? Which friend realizes that your bag is too heavy & offers to carry? Which one agrees to accompany you on your preposterous impromptu whims? When you travel, it is common that someone makes mistakes, someone gets tired, someone disagrees with you & your actions. How do you react to that? How easily do you lose your temper & restraint? How do you treat fellow travelers from a non-friendly country? How easily do you judge people you have just met?  Observe that next time consciously. It talks a lot about the actual you & the people you think you know!


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