Paris – Moments that matter


Paris – history, beauty, art, culture & fashion combined!


Just off the flight. We were a group of 5 girls on a 2 week Euro trip.



We spent 3 days in the city and were walking along some of the beautiful pedestrian ways.



The scenic bridges connecting the iconic places. We could always see a ferry long the river at ANY point of time 🙂


We were staying in “Plug-inn” youth hostel in a peaceful neighborhood in one corner of the city.


This place is very close to “Moulin Rouge”, some happening pubs, and has the BEST street food. I had the BEST mashed potato here.


Our Paris stay was heavily focused on history. On the first day, we went to see the famous Bastille Revolution place that marked France’s independence. When we asked a couple of locals about the story, they were very passionate and proud about this incident.


We then went on to see museum of modern art which..well…looked like this. The area in front of this is the place for some amazing street performances by various musicians, dancers & street artists.


A sample street art – “Life without art is stupid” (True that)


Inside Modern Art Museum: I am not a great “modern art” appreciator but I found this piece amusing. (It’s supposed to be a ship if you are wondering).


We were doing some aimless strolling on the streets and found this amazingly cute version of Gandhiji’s 3 monkeys (and cows too in the background :P)


Another discovery on the street. Isn’t the dog adorable? (I have no clue what it’s called though)




A few more for the sheer appreciation of beauty!

I was really curious to see what the fuss was all about about this piece. But a. when I saw the city view with river Siene from the top and b. I saw the changing lights of the Eiffel, I was a super happy kid!


See that for yourself. We could also see all the places of significance of Paris from this point. Oh, and if you are a Dan Brown fan, you can connect so many points from the books from this place here.


Near Eiffel tower


And the evening walks across some super cool stores.

IMG_0249But I could not enough the place in 3 days (obviously)!

Travel tips for Paris:

  • Buy the metro pass (cost us 50$ for 3 days), it’s much easier to move around the city, saves lot of time & money.
  • Don’t go heavy on all touristy places to see. Take some out for some impromptu experience.
  • Seine river cruise id over-rated.
  • For those museums/churches you plan to visit, do your research before travel.