A day in Disneyland


Place: Disneyland, Hong Kong

I went to the kingdom of happiness, Disneyland, solo last week. The rides were good, themed dances & musical parades were awesome! But what lifted my spirits the most was being among so many kids. A few popular rides had around 30 minutes of waiting time and needless to say, most of the visitors were families with kids under the age of 5. In these queues, I couldn’t help notice the little ones’ sense of wonder at every little thing – like their awe on looking at a passing toy train, dancing to the metal drums to beat on, their joy on climbing tree houses. Some of the attractions were blah to me and I was on the verge of consumed by irritation on spending 550 HKD for this;  but then I looked around. I was really amused by these munchkins- running in happiness wearing fairy costumes & Micky Mouse head-bands. I saw young dads taking their daughters around to meet Disney fairy characters and having a blast doing that. A couple of families requested me to take their picture. It made me recollect the good old days when my dad & I used to hangout a lot running together, watching TV shows, betting on cricket matches and so many memories coming to life dusting themselves off from the depth of my cerebrum. Even an year go, both of us “crashed” a cousin’s birthday party. We were the only adults there. He danced and sang and challenged, entertained the kids there. By the end of the day, I was feeling very grateful to my parents for giving my sister & I the precious gift of a happy & memorable childhood. That, to me, was the key takeaway from Disneyland.