Reflections From Grad Trip

My grad trip was a bitter sweet journey. There is this happiness of traveling with friends and  immediately you realize it is transitory because you will not have these friends around you after this trip. I was the reality of life that was waiting to give its initial flavors- which made me both excited & scared.

In this state of mind, we went to Kerala first – 15 of us. We saw traditional Kerala dance & sword fights, Munnar tea estates, stayed in boat-house for a couple of days, had awesome sea food. I went on long walks with my best friend when the boat stopped. Like they say in F.R.I.E.N.D.S, it felt like end of an era.



Then we went to Goa. We planned to go to a beach to see sunset – we were still on top of hill. I ran down the hill in all that wildnerness to catch the sunset in time. One of my concerned friends – he still is – ran down along with me. We watched sunset with water lapping near our feet – the reds, oranges & yellows of sky, and its reflection in water. That was the moment of this trip.

The other day, all of us went on a banana ride in the beach. I was busy giving morale support to my scared friends, didn’t think much about what’s about to come. We went on the ride – the driver flipped the boat. I thought I was dead. I saw water everywhere – I did not know swimming then. Thankfully, someone pulled me up to the boat again. That was closest to believing I was dead, this time literally.

On the way back, the rush of memories from last 2 years was an emotional juggernaut. In the 2 years at IIM Bangalore, we functioned on deadlines. Our lives depended on schedules, assignments, exams, GPA to score, resume points to make & internships to crack. But in between all those, I made memories. Going out for impromptu dinners, throwing a birthday surprise which moves your friend to tears, reunions after long exchange terms, laughing at your own sloppy work, cheering your friends, enjoying those little breathers between hectic schedules….my achievements for which I toiled day and night did not matter – but those moments did! And I did not even realize then that they were happening to me 🙂